When our Master Rasûl-i akram (sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam) returned to Medina,
he came to the house of our Mother Âisha. He took his armor and weapons off. His
blessed body was covered in dust; therefore, he took a bath. At that moment, an armed
and armored horseman, in the disguise of Hadrat Dihya, came. This was Archangel
Gabriel. When our Master, the Prophet reached him, he declared the command, saying,
“O the Messenger of Allahu ta’âlâ! Janâb-i Haqq is ordering you to march against
the sons of Kurayzâ immediately!” The Master of the worlds called for Hadrat Bilâl
and gave him his instruction to inform the Companions, “O my Ashâb! Get up;
mount your horses, camels! Those who obey shall perform the ritual prayer of
afternoon in the lands of the sons of Kurayzâ!”
Our Master Habîb-i-akram immediately put on his armor and his sword. He wore
his helmet on his blessed head, his shield on his back. He took his spear. Then he got
onto his horse. Reaching his companions, he gave the banner of Islam to Hadrat Alî
and sent him as vanguard to the fortress of Kurayzâ Jews. As usual, he left Abdullah
Ibn-i-Umm-i-Maktûm as his deputy in Medina.249
The glorious Companions surrounded our beloved Prophet and set off from Medina,
by saying takbîrs “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!” They met the sons of Ghanm on the
way. They were armed, and waiting for our Master Rasûlulah. Our Master, the Prophet
(’alaihis-salâm) asked them, “Has anybody met you?” They answered, “O Rasûlullah!
Dihya-i Kalabî met us. He was on a saddled white mule. On the mule, there
was silk velvet.” Hadrat Muhammad Prophet told them, “He is Jabrâil (Archangel Gabriel).
He was sent to Banî Kurayzâ so that he would shake their fortress and inject fear
into their hearts.” By the time they reached the fortress of the sons of Kurayzâ, the
number of the Islamic Army increased to three thousand. Hadrat Ali set up the banner of Islam in front of the fortress of Kurayzâ Jews. Seeing
that, the Jews spoke ill of our Master, the Prophet. Hadrat Ali went and informed
our Master of the situation. Rasûl-i akram (the Prophet) (sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam),
with three thousand soldiers that were honored by being there, invited the Jews to Islam
due to his compassion. They did not accept this beautiful offer. They also rejected
his blessed order, “In that case, come down from the fortress and surrender by
yielding to the order of Allahu ta’âlâ and His Messenger.” Upon this, the Master
of the worlds commanded the master of the archers Sa’d ibni Abî Waqqâs, “O Sa’d!
Forward and shoot arrows at them!” Hadrat Sa’d and other archers began to shoot
their arrows from their arrow sheaths at the Jewish fortress chanting takbîr. The Jews
retaliated by shooting arrows, slinging stones and started the fight.
This group of Jews, who stabbed Muslims in the back when they were weak and
who did not accept the prophethood of Muhammad ’alahis-salâm due to their jealousy,
did not have the courage to open the gates of the fortress to go out to the battlefield.
The siege continued. The hypocrites among Muslim soldiers sent secret messages to
the fortress and said, “Never surrender! Do not accept even if they want you to leave
Medina! If you continue to fight, we will help you with our all power, we will not
deny anything from you. If they expel you from Medina, we will go away with you
too!” With this news, the Jews went on defending with a renewed determination and
hope. They were waiting for help from the hypocrites. The siege extended. Almost
one month passed; there was no help from the hypocrites. The Jews were in fear, so
they announced that they would like to make a treaty.
In order to make a treaty, a Jew, named Nabbâsh bin Qays went to the presence
of our Master Rasûlullah and said, “O Muhammad (’alaihis-salâm)! Do show us the
compassion you showed to the sons of Nâdir. Let our goods and weapons be yours!
Do not shed our blood. This is our only wish. Permit us to leave our land with our
children and women. Except weapons, allow us to take a camel load of our goods with
each family!…” The Master of the worlds replied, “No, I can not accept that offer!”
This time, he said, “We have given up the idea of taking goods with us. Do not shed
our blood! Allow us to take our women and children with us.” Our Master, the Prophet
said, “No! You do not have any other solution except to bow to my verdict unconditionally
and surrender by obeying it!” Nabbâsh, the Jew, returned to the fortress
wretchedly. This time, the Jews of Kurayzâ fell in a great dismay and sorrow.250
Ka’b bin Asad, one of their leaders, acted with justice. He made this admission and
offer to his nation, “O my nation! As you see, a great catastrophe has befallen us. In
this case, I will offer three advices to you. You may choose one of these and act accordingly.
First, let us become obedient to this person and accept his prophethood. I
swear by Allah; we all know that he is the prophet who has been sent by Allah and of
whom we saw his attributes in our books. If we believe in him, our blood, children,
women, and goods will have been rescued. The only reason for our disobedience to
him is our feeling of envy towards Arabs and he is not one of the sons of Isrâil. How ever, this is something, which only Allah can know. Let’s become obedient to him!..”
The Jews, in unanimity, rejected and said, “No! We will not accept this and we will
not obey anybody who is not one of us.”
This time, Ka’b made his second offer, “Let us kill all of our children and wives.
When there is no body left which we worry about behind us, let us march towards
Muslims and fight until death.” The Jews rejected this offer too.
Ka’b, in his third offer, said, “This night is Saturday night. Muslims know that we
will not fight this night. They might be sure and remiss. Let us draw our swords, exit
from the gate together. With this raid, perhaps we can win!…” The Jews rejected this
offer too, by saying they could not lift the ban on working on Saturdays.” Only the
Asîd and Sa’laba brothers, and their paternal uncle’s son Asad, accepted the first offer
and were honored by becoming Muslims. They went out of the fortress and joined the
the Ashâb-i kirâm.251
The Jews discussed among themselves for a long time. In the end, they decided to
surrender and requested an arbitrator from our Master, the Prophet to give a verdict on
themselves. Our Master Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam’ told them to choose
one of his Companions as the arbitrator. They said they would agree with the verdict
which would be given by Sa’d bin Mu’âz. Our Master, the Prophet accepted that and
ordered to bring Hadrat Sa’d bin Mu’âz.
Sa’d bin Mu’âz had been heavily wounded in the War of Trench. Our Master Rasûlullah
had him treated in a tent in the Masjîd-i Nabî. When he was chosen arbitrator,
they brought Hadrat Sa’d on a stretcher to the fortress of Kurayzâ. On the road, Hadrat
Sa’d said to himself, “I swear by Allahu ta’âlâ that, on the path of Allahu ta’âlâ,
I will not listen to anyone who criticizes me!” They brought him to the presence of
our Master Rasûlullah. Our Master, the Prophet told him, “O Sa’d! Those people
have accepted to surrender according to your verdict. Tell me your verdict about
them.” Sa’d bin Mu’âz replied, “May my life be sacrificed for your sake, O Rasûlullah!
Verily, to verdict, Allahu ta’âlâ and His Messenger are more worthy.” Our Master
Rasûlullah said, “Allahu ta’âlâ has commanded you to give a verdict about these
people.” Hadrat Sa’d took a definite promise from the Jews that they would agree
to his verdict. Both sides started waiting for it intensely. Upon this, Hadrat Sa’d announced
his great verdict, which showed his highness:
“My verdict is that, all the sane and pubescent men shall be beheaded! Their women
and children shall be captivated. Their properties shall be distributed among Muslims!..”
Against this definite verdict, the Jews were petrified with astonishment. Because, in
their own books, that was the penalty for those people who were excessive like they
were. It was written, “When you reach a city to fight, invite them to peace. If they accept
this and open their doors, all the insiders shall give you tax and serve you. If they
decide to make war, siege them. When you become victorious with Allahu ta’âlâ’s help and assistance, put all of their men under the sword. Take their women, children
and properties as booty!…”
Due to the fact that Hadrat Sa’d bin Mu’âz’s verdict was in agreement with the
divine verdict, the Master of the worlds, our beloved Prophet (’alaihis-salâm) congratulated
him and expressed his appreciation, saying, “You have given a verdict about
them, which is suitable with the verdict of Allahu ta’âlâ, written above the seven
skies, in the Lawh-i mahfûz!”
The Jews could not raise an objection against this verdict, which was mentioned in
their own books. All the sane and pubescent men were gathered, bound and the verdict
was carried out. The children, women and goods were distributed among the Ashâb-i
Thus, this nation, who stabbed Muslims in the back in their most difficult times,
who broke all the treaties made, who tried to kill our Master, the Prophet since his
childhood, were purged from Medina.
The Ashâb-i kirâm, prosperously and happily, set off for luminous Medina.
A woman among the captives attained the bliss of becoming Muslim. Our Master,
the Prophet rejoiced at this act of her’s. Since he wanted to make her happy and obtain
very high degrees in Paradise, he accepted her in marriage. This lady was our mother