Although they had seen many miracles of our beloved Prophet ’alaihis salâm, the
polytheists did not believe, out of stubbornness. Furthermore, they did not refrain
from tormenting their children, brothers, relatives and friends, who had become Muslims.
Hadrat Muhammad Prophet was very sad due to their intensifying cruelties and tortures.
He thought of going to Tâif, which was near to Mecca, and inviting its people to
Islam. For this reason, he took Zayd bin Hâritha with him and reached Tâif. He spoke
with the sons of Amr; Abd-i Yâlil, Habîb and Mas’ûd, who were the notables of Tâif.
He told them about Islam and wanted them to believe in Allahu ta’âlâ. They did not
believe and they insulted him. In addition, they said, “Could Allahu ta’âlâ not find
anybody to send as a prophet apart from you? Is Allahu ta’âlâ unable to send anyone
except you as a prophet? Go away from our land, to wherever you wish! Your people
did not accept your words, so you have come here, haven’t you? We swear that we
will keep away from you! We will not accept any request of yours.”
Our Master Rasûlullah (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) left there in sorrow. He invited
the Sakîf tribe to Islam for ten days or one month. However, none of them believed.
Furthermore, they made mockery, torture and rudely shouted at him. They had youngsters
and children lined up along the road sides and had them throw stones and attack
our Master. Using himself as a shield, Hadrat Zayd was trying to protect our Prophet
from being harmed by the stones. He did not care about the stones hitting himself.
Wasn’t he waiting to sacrificing his life for these days? Now, they were stoning the
Master of the worlds, they were trying to expel him from their lands by torments and
While Hadrat Zayd was running about, trying to protect our Master Rasûlullah, the
stones, one after another, were hitting his head, body, feet. Due to this, Hadrat Zayd’s whole body was in blood. To protect his beloved Prophet, he was shouting at the cruel
people who threw stones, “Don’t!.. Don’t hit! He is the Master of the worlds. He is
the Messenger of Allah! Cut my body into pieces but do not harm our Prophet!” The
stones, which passed Zayd bin Hâritha, reached our Master Rasûlullah and made his
blessed feet bleed.
Sad, tired and wounded, our beloved Prophet (’alaihis-salâm) came close to the
garden of the brothers Utba and Shayba. Our Master, the Prophet, for whose sake all
the believers want to sacrifice their lives, wiped off the blood from his blessed feet.
He performed a ritual ablution and made a prayer of two rak’ats under a tree. Then, he
raised his hands and invoked Allahu ta’âlâ.
The owners of the garden were watching this. They had seen what happened to our
Master Rasûlullah, they had witnessed his loneliness. Their compassion overwhelmed
them and they sent grapes to him via their slave, named Addâs. Hadrat Muhammad Prophet
said the Basmala (Bismillâhirrahmânirrahîm) when he was about to eat the grapes.
The slave who brought the grapes was a Christian. When he heard the Basmala, he
was surprised. He asked, “I have been here for years, I did not hear such a saying from
anybody. What is this word?”
Rasûlullah asked, “Where are you from?” Addâs answered, “I am from Ninawa.”
Rasûlullah said, “So, you are from the homeland of Yûnus (‘alaihis-salâm’).” Addâs
asked, “How do you know Yûnus? No one here knows him.” Rasûlullah replied,
“He is my brother. He was a prophet like me.”
Addâs said, “The owner of this beautiful face and these sweet words cannot be a
liar. I now believe that you are Allah’s Messenger.” He became Muslim. Then, he
said, “O Rasûlullah! I have been serving these cruel and lying people for many years.
They usurp people’s rights. They cheat them. They have not even a single good attribute.
They can commit any baseness to get what is worldly and to fulfill their sensuous
desires. I hate them. I want to go with you, become honored with your service, to be
the target of the irreverence which the ignorant and the idiots will commit against you
and to sacrifice myself to protect your blessed body.”95
Our Master Rasûlullah smiled, “Stay with your masters for the time being! After
a short while, you will hear of my name far and wide. Come to me then.” he
commanded. Having rested for a while, he walked towards Mecca. When there were
two day’s journey left to Mecca, he saw that a cloud shaded him. When he looked at
it attentively, he understood that it was Jabrâil ’alaihis-salâm (Archangel Gabriel). He
informed our Mother Hadrat Âisha-i Siddîqa about this later on.
It has been declared in the book “Sahih-i Buhâri” and also in “Musnad” by Ahmad
bin Hanbal that one day our mother Hadrat Âisha had asked, “O Rasûlullah!
Have you ever had a more anguished day than Uhud?”, our Master Rasûlullah had
answered, “I swear by Allah that I did not suffer as much from the infidels in the
Battle of Uhud as I had suffered from your people. When I introduced myself to Ibn-i Abd-i Yâlil bin Abd-i Kulâl (that is when I
announced my prophethood and invited him to the religion) he did not accept. When
I had left them, I was in such agony that I could not come to myself until I came
the place called Qarn-i Saâlib. There, I raised my head. I saw that a cloud was
shading me. Jabrâil (’alaihis-salâm) was standing in the cloud. He addressed me,
“O Muhammad! Haqq ta’âlâ heard what your people said about you. He knows that
they do not want to protect you. He sent you that angel who is in charge of the mountains
so that you may command him as you wish..” “That angel too addressed and
greeted me, and then it said, “O Muhammad! As Jabrâil told you, Haqq ta’âlâ sent
me, the angel in charge of mountains, so that you may give a command of whatever
you wish. I am at your service. If you want these two big mountains (Kuaykian Mountain
and Abû Qubays Mountain) to reach each other over the Meccans (and to squash
the polytheists), command me and I will do so.” I did not consent to it and said,
“(No! I have been sent as a mercy for the universes) I pray to Allahu ta’âlâ that He
creates a generation who will worship Allahu ta’âlâ only and who will not attribute
any partner to Him from the descendants of these polytheists.”
Our Master, the Prophet (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam), during his return to Mecca
from Tâif, rested a while at Nahla. Once, he was performing a ritual prayer. A group
of genies of Nusaybin was passing from there. They heard the Qur’ân al-kerîm which
our beloved Prophet recited. They stopped and listened to it. Then, they spoke with
our Master, the Prophet and became Muslims. Our Master, the Prophet said to them,
“When you reach your folks, tell them about my invitation to belief. Invite them
also to belief.” When those genies went to their folk and announced this, all the genies
who heard became Muslims.96 This event is declared in Jîn Sura in the Qur’ân
al-kerîm and in the well known hadîth-i sharîf books of “Buhârî” and “Muslim.”
After this event, he walked to Mecca.