When Hadrat ’Umar became Muslim, the 64th âyat-i karîma of the Anfâl Sûra descended. It purported, “O my Prophet! As helpers, Allahu ta’âlâ and those believers who follow you will suffice for you.”


Islam was spreading day by day and the light of Qur’ân al-karîm was illuminating the souls. Sinful people were converting to Islam as a gift from Allahu ta’âlâ and embracing the right way. Having been honored by joining the Ashâb-i kirâm, these blessed people were coming together and they were serving Hadrat Muhammad with a great enthusiasm. Even if it was a small request from him, they saw it as a command. They were racing against each other to help him and they were not even hesitating to give their lives. Polytheists were in great panic and anxiety. Also, one of their most prominent, Hadrat Hamza, had become Muslim and he was standing together with them. This unexpected occasion made polytheists crazy. For that reason ’Umar, the son of Khattâb (at that time he had not yet become Muslim) went out of his house to kill Hadrat Muhammad. He saw Hadrat Muhammad while he was praying in Masjid-i harâm. He wanted him to finish his prayer and began listening to him.Hadrat Muhammad was reciting the Surâ of Al-Hâqqa. It purports, “The Doomsday which is absolutely going to happen!… What is that Doomsday which is real? Who has told you about that Doomsday which is going to come rightly? (The people of) Samûd and Âd denied and disclaimed the Doomsday which will shake the hearts. The people of Samûd were destroyed due to their being depraved (by the shout of Jabrâil ‘alaihis-salâm). As for the people of Âd, they perished by a ravaging, thundering, wild and violent hurricane. Allahu ta’âlâ imposed that hurricane on them during seven nights and eight days. (They had been turned into such a state that if you had been present there) you would have seen how they perished and fell like hollow date palm trunks which collapse after they have broken from their roots! Can you see anybody remaining from them now?

Pharaoh, those before him and the community that had been turned upside down (the people of Lût) always committed the same mistake (polytheism and disobedience).
In this way they revolted against the prophets (against Lût ’alaihis-salâm and other prophets) of their Rabb. Thereupon a torment stronger than the previous communities suffered caught them… In fact we carried you (your ancestors who caused your existence) in the ark when it had flooded everywhere (during the flood of Noah) in order for it to be a lesson for you and to be memorized by those whose had heard it. When the Sûr is sounded once, the earth’s surface and the mountains will be removed and shaken. That day is the Doomsday; the sky, by loosing its strength and firmness, will be torn and dispersed and the angels will be around the firmament. (Angels will be ready for the commands of their Rabb). That day, eight angels (among the angels around the firmament) will undertake to carry the Arsh of your Rabb. That day, you will be presented (to Allahu ta’âlâ for giving account). So much so that none of your secrets (you supposed that you hid while you were in the world) will be secret (for Allahu ta’âlâ).

At that time the person who has been given his book to his right hand says (in happiness), ‘Take it and read it! Because, I surely knew that I would reach my reckoning.’ He is in a life which has been consented. He is in a high Paradise… He is so close (to the fruits) that he can quickly collect. (They will be told that,) ‘Eat, drink and good appetite, because of the good deeds you committed in the past days (in the world).’

As for the person whose book has been given to his left hand he says, ‘Alas! I wish my book had not been given to me… I wish I would not even know what was in my account. Alas! I wish it (my death) would have been a permanent end (for my life) (and I would never be resurrected)! My properties did not provide me any benefit. (All) my pride (power, evidence, all that I have) has left me and became destroyed!’ (Allahu ta’âlâ orders the angels in Hell,) ‘Hold him and tie (his hands to his neck)! And throw him to the burning fire! Then put him (again) in there with a chain the length of seventy yards! Because, he would not believe in Allahu ta’âlâ, the Almighty. (He was far from feeding the poor, even) he would not encourage anybody to feed the poor. That’s why, today he has no akin (and friend) who will pity him. There is no food for him except gislîn (pus with blood of the people in Hell). Nobody except those (disbelievers) who (knowingly) erred eat it…

Hadrat ’Umar was listening to the recitings of Hadrat Muhammad with admiration. He had not heard such beautiful words in his life before. Later he himself said, “I admired the eloquence, smoothness and neatness of these words which I listened to. I told myself, I swear that this person should be a poet as the Qurayshîs say!” Meanwhile, Hadrat Muhammad continued to recite the âyat-i karîmas:

I swear by the things you see and you do not see, definitely it (Qur’ân al-karîm) is a word which has been brought (from his Rabb) by a Messenger who is veryhonorable in the presence of Allahu ta’âlâ. It is not the words of a poet. How little believing people you are!..

Hadrat ’Umar reported, “Again I said to myself, He must be a soothsayer. Because he has understood what I thought!” Rasûlullah continued to recite the chapter:

It is not a soothsayer’s word either. How twisted minded people you are!.. It (the Qur’ân al-karîm) has been descended from the Rabb of the worlds (to Muhammad ’alaihis-salâm thru Jabrâil ’alaihis-salâm). If he (the Prophet) fabricated some words (which We did not say) on Us, certainly, We would take out his right hand (that is his power) and then we would absolutely tear out his jugular vein (that is We would not allow him to live)! That time, none of you would be able to prevent it! Verily, it (the Qur’ân al-karîm) is a definite advice for the people who abstain from the prohibitions. We surely know that there are some who deny it among you (as there are some who affirm it). Absolutely, it (the Qur’ân al-karîm) is an (inevitable) longing for the infidels (who see the blessings given to those who affirm it in the Hereafter). Absolutely, it (the Qur’ân al-karîm) is the haqq-ul-yaqîn (It enables those who obey it and act according to its commandments and prohibitions to reach the degree called haqq-ul-yaqîn). Therefore, praise the name of your almighty Rabb.

Hadrat ’Umar said, “After Rasûlullah recited all the chapter, an inclination towards Islam arouse in my heart.”

Three days after Hadrat Hamza’s becoming Muslim, Abû Jahl gathered the polytheists and said, “O Quraysh! Muhammad has defamed our idols. He has said our ancestors, who came before us, are tormented in Hell and we will go there too! There is no way other than killing him! I will give one hundred red camels and innumerable gold coins to the one who will kill him!” Suddenly, the inclination towards Islam disappeared in the heart of ’Umar, son of Khattâb. He jumped and said, “There is no one to do that except the son of Khattâb.” They applauded him by saying, “Go ahead, the son of Khattâb! Let us see you.”

He girded his sword and set off. While he was going, he met with Nu’aym bin Abdullah. He asked, “O ’Umar! Where are you going with this vehemence and anger?” He answered, “I am going to kill Muhammad who has caused disunion among people and enmity between brothers.” Nu’aym said, “O ’Umar! This is a difficult job. His companions show great attention and devotion to him. They are extremely careful so that nothing harms him. It is very difficult to approach them. Even if you kill him, you will not be able to escape from the sons of Abdulmuttalib.”

Hadrat ’Umar became very angry with these words. He held his sword and said, “Are you one of them too? I will kill you first.” He said, “O ’Umar! Leave me! Go to your sister Fâtima and her husband Sa’îd bin Zayd. They have become Muslim too.” Hadrat ’Umar did not believe these words. He said, “If you don’t believe it, go and ask them! You’ll see.”

If Hadrat ‘Umar succeeded, the religious separation would end but the blood feud which was a custom of Arabs would start, the Quraysh would be divided into two and clashes would begin. Thus, not only ’Umar bin Khattâb, even all the sons of Khattâb would be killed. However, he could not think of all these because he was very strong, brave and furious. He wondered about his sister and went to their home immediately. At that time, Tâhâ Sûra had recently descended. Saîd and Fâtima had it written, they had brought one of the Companions, Hadrat Khabbâb bin Arat and they were reading out Tâhâ Sûra. Hadrat ’Umar heard their voices at the door. He knocked on the door very harshly. When they saw him with his sword and that he was angry, they hid the writing and Hadrat Khabbâb. Then they opened the door. When he entered the house he asked, “What were you reading?” They said, “Nothing” He became even more angry and said, “So it is true what I heard, you, too, are fooled by his magic.” He held Hadrat Sa’îd’s neck and threw him to the ground. While his sister was trying to save her husband, he slapped her face too. When he saw that her face started bleeding he pitied her. Fâtima was in pain and blood. But, the power of her belief made her to say, “O ’Umar! Why do you not feel shame of Allah and why do you not believe in his Prophet whom He sent with signs and miracles? Now, my husband and I have been honored by becoming Muslim. We will not abandon this religion; even if you cut our heads off.” then she recited the Kalima-i shahâdat.

Hadrat ’Umar, upon his sister’s belief, calmed down suddenly and sat down. With a soft voice, he said, “Bring out that book which you read.” Fâtima said, “I will not give it to you unless you clean yourself.” Hadrat ’Umar performed a ritual bathing. Then Fâtima brought the page of the Qur’ân al-karîm. Hadrat ’Umar was an able literate. He started to read out the Tâhâ Sûra. The eloquence, fluency, meanings and superiorities of the Qur’ân al-karîm increasingly softened his heart.

When he read the âyat-i karîma, which purported, “In the skies and on the Earth and those between them and the things under the ground (with seven layers) all belong to Him”, he started thinking deeply. He said, “O Fâtima! Do all these innumerable existences belong to Allah Whom you worship?” His sister answered, “Yes, they do! Do you have a suspicion?” His amazement increased, he said, “O Fâtima! We have about one thousand five hundred ornamented sculptures made of gold, silver, bronze, stone. None of them owns anything on the Earth.” He read more;

There is no true god except Allahu ta’âlâ Who deserves to be worshipped. The most beautiful names are His.”. He thought over this âyat-i karîma. “Certainly, what a true word,” he said. When Habbâb heard this, he leaped up and said takbîr. Then, he said, “Glad tidings to you O ’Umar! Rasûlullah prayed to Allahu ta’âlâ saying, ‘O my Rabb! Strengthen this religion either with Abû Jahl or ’Umar.’ Now, this blessing is bestowed upon you.”

This âyat-i karîma and that prayer completely erased the animosity in Hadrat ’Umar’s heart. He asked right away, “Where is Rasûlullah?” His heart has been drawn to Rasûlullah. That day Rasûl-i akram (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) was giving advice to his Companions in the house of Hadrat Arkam. Ashâb-i kirâm, having gathered, were burnishing their hearts by seeing his luminous face and listening to his sweet and impressive words and refreshing their souls by turning into different states in infinite enjoyment, pleasure and cheer.

Hadrat ’Umar’s coming was seen from the house of Arkam. He had his sword too. Since Hadrat ’Umar was a redoubtable and powerful person, the Ashâb-i kirâm surrounded Rasûlullah. Hadrat Hamza said, “Why do you refrain from ’Umar? If he came with good intentions, he is welcome. If not, I will behead him before he draws his sword!” Rasûlullah said, “Let him come in!

Hadrat Jabrâil ‘alaihis-salâm’ (Archangel Gabriel), previously, had informed Hadrat Muhammad that Hadrat ’Umar was on the road and he was coming to embrace Islam. Hadrat Muhammad welcomed Hadrat ’Umar with a smile. He said, “Leave him alone.” Hadrat ’Umar sat down before Rasûlullah. Rasûlullah held Hadrat ’Umar from his arm and told, “O ’Umar, believe!” Hadrat ’Umar recited the Kalima-i shahâda sincerely. The Ashâb-i kirâm, out of their joy, said takbîrs loudly.

Hadrat ’Umar explained his situation after he embraced Islam as follows, “When I converted to Islam, Ashâb-i kirâm were hiding from polytheists and they were praying secretly. I was so upset for that reason and asked, “O Rasûlullah! Aren’t we on the right path?” Hadrat Muhammad answered by saying, “I swear by Allahu ta’âlâ that whether you are dead or alive, you are on the right path.” Upon that I said, “Since we are on the right path and the polytheists are on the wrong path then why are we hiding our religion from them? I swear by Allahu ta’âlâ that we deserve and have right more than the polytheists to declare the religion of Islam against infidelity. The religion of Allahu ta’âlâ is going to prevail in Mecca for sure. It will be very good if our tribe behaves, if they want to make a fuss, we will combat them.” Upon that Hadrat Muhammad said, “We are few in number!

I said, “O Rasûlulah! I swear by Allahu ta’âlâ Who has sent you as a true prophet, without any hesitation and fear, no polytheist community to which I do not tell about Islam will be left. Let us arise.” When it was accepted, we went out as two rows and walked to the Haram-i sharîf. At the head of one row, there was Hamza, at the other, I was present. With harsh steps, as if we were turning the soil into flour, by raising a cloud of dust, we entered the Masjid-i harâm. The Quraysh polytheists were looking at me and Hamza successively. They were so grieved that perhaps they had never fallen into such agony before in their lives.”

Upon this coming of Hadrat ‘Umar, Abû Jahl went forward and asked, “O ’Umar! What is that situation of yours?” Hadrat ’Umar, without paying any attention to him, said, “Ash-hadu an lâ ilâha illallah wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasûluh.” Abû Jahl could not know what to say. He was petrified with astonishment. Hadrat ’Umar turned towards this group of polytheists and said, “O the Quraysh! Some of you know me! He who does not, should know that I am ’Umar, son of Khattâb. Those who want to make his wife widow and his children orphan may move! I will cut them down with my sword, anyone who moves!…” The Quraysh polytheists dispersed and went away immediately. Rasûlullah and his high Companions formed a row and said takbîrs loudly. The sky of Mecca was full of interjections of “Allahu Akbar!… Allahu Akbar!” For the first time, a ritual prayer was performed publicly in the Haram-i sharîf.

When Hadrat ’Umar became Muslim, the 64th âyat-i karîma of the Anfâl Sûra descended. It purported, “O my Prophet! As helpers, Allahu ta’âlâ and those believers who follow you will suffice for you.” Some people in hesitation, when they saw that Hadrat ’Umar became Muslim, chose Islam. They were honored by becoming Ashâb. Now, the number of Muslims started to increase greatly day by day.