The voice of Islam spread ear to ear, day by day and reached the lands beyond. This situation made the Quraysh polytheists furious. They could not stop the spreading of Islam in spite of all their efforts.

It has been reported in the books named “Dalâil-un Nubuwwa” and “Ma’ârijun Nubuwwa”: Walîd, one of the polytheists, had an idol. They would gather on the hill called Safâ and worship this idol. One day, our Master, the Prophet went to them and invited the polytheists to Islam. An unbeliever genie entered that idol and said inappropriate things about our beloved Prophet. Our Master, Fakhr-i âlam (sall- Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) became sad. Another day, an invisible genie greeted our Master, the Prophet and said, “O Rasûlullah! I heard that an infidel genie spoke of you improperly. I have found and killed him. If you wish, would you honor the Hill of Safâ tomorrow? You invite them to Islam again; I will enter that idol and say praising things about you.” Our Master, the Prophet accepted the offer of this genie whose name was Abdullah.

Hadrat Muhammad Prophet, the next day, went there and invited the polytheists to faith again. Abû Jahl was there, too. The Muslim genie entered the idol in the hands of the polytheists and said praising words and poems about our beloved Prophet and Islam. The polytheists, when they heard these words, broke the idol and attacked Rasûlullah. His blessed hair was torn and disheveled. His blessed face was bloodied. He showed patience to these torments of the polytheists and said, “O the Qurayshîs! You are hitting me. However, I am your Prophet.” He left there and came to his house. A maiden girl had seen the entire incident.

At that moment, Hadrat Hamza was hunting on a mountain. He was about to shoot an arrow at a gazelle. Suddenly, the gazelle said to him, “O Hamzâ! Instead of shooting the arrow at me, it will be better for you to shoot it at those who want to kill your nephew” Hadrat Hamzâ was astonished by these words. He went to his house quickly. As a custom of his, after returning from hunting, he would visit Haram-i sharîf for making tawâf (the circumambulation of the Kâ’ba). That day, during the tawâf, the maiden girl came and told him what Abû Jahl had done to Muhammad (’alaihis- sâlam). Due to the zeal of kinship, Hadrat Hamza became very angry. He took his weapons and went to where the polytheists were present. He bloodied Abû Jahl’s head with his bow, saying, “Are you the person who said bad words to and hurt my brother’s son? His religion is my religion too. If you are able to, do to me, whatever you did to him!” The infidels there wanted to attack Hadrat Hamza. But Abû Jahl told them, “Do not touch him! Hamza is right. I said bad words to his nephew” After Hadrat Hamzâ’s leaving, Abû Jahl told the people around, “Do not irritate him! I am afraid that he will get angry at us and become Muslim. In this case, Muhammad will gain strength.” He allowed his head to be bloodied lest Hadrat Hamza become Muslim and pointed out how worthy of respect Hadrat Hamza was and how much strength and respect he enjoyed.

Hadrat Hamza came to our Master, the Prophet and said, “O Muhammad! I have taken your revenge from Abû Jahl. I bloodied him. Don’t be sad, rejoice!” Hadrat Muhammad Prophet replied, “I do not rejoice at things like that!” When Hadrat Hamza said, “To make you rejoice and to save you from sadness, I will do whatever you want”, our Master, the Prophet replied, “I will rejoice only at your believing and saving your precious body from the fire of Hell.” Hadrat Hamza became Muslim at once. An âyat-i karîma was revealed about him. According to the report of Hadrat Abdullah bin Abbâs, “In the Qur’ân al-karîm, in the 122nd âyat-i karîma of the Sûrat-ul-An’âm; the person who was resurrected and made to attain the light is Hadrat Hamza and in the same âyat-i karîma, the person who floundered in darkness is Abû Jahl.”

Hadrat Hamza went to the polytheists and told them he became Muslim and would protect the Darling of Allahu ta’âlâ Muhammad ’alaihis-salâm, even if it would cost him his life. He recited an eulogy. He said in this eulogy, “Praise be to Allahu ta’âlâ that he made my heart inclined to Islam and the truth. This religion has been sent by Allahu ta’âlâ Who knows everything His slaves commit, Who treats everyone with His blessings and Whose power is triumphant over everything. He is the Rabb of the universes. When the Qur’ân al-karîm is recited, tears come down from eyes of the reasonable and good hearted. The Qur’ân al-karîm has been descent to Muhammad ’alaihis-salâm as explained verses in a fluent language. He, Muhammad Mustafa is an esteemed, respected, blessed person among us. O polytheists! Beware of speaking ill of him! If you want to kill him, no one can touch him unless stepping over our corpses.”

Hadrat Muhammad Prophet sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam rejoiced greatly at the conversion of Hadrat Hamza to Islam. The Muslims became much stronger with his joining.

With Hadrat Hamza’s embracing Islam, the situation changed, because, Meccans knew what a great warrior, dependable, chivalrous hero he was. Thus, the Quraysh polytheists could not maltreat Muslims with wanton anymore. Especially, they were afraid of the sword of Hadrat Hamza.