Three years before the Hegira, in the beginning of Ramadan, at the age of 65, the
sharer of the sorrows of our Master, the Prophet, his wife for twenty four years, our
Mother Hadrat Khadîja passed away after the siege of three years which was full of
troubles and agonies.93 Our Master Fakhr-i Kâinât sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam himself
interred our Mother Hadrat Khadîja. He was very sad over her demise. Our Master,
the Prophet was in great agony due to the deaths of our Mother Hadrat Khadîja and
his paternal uncle Abû Tâlib. For this reason, that year was called the year of sadness.
The demise of our Mother Hadrat Khadîja had shaken and saddened our beloved
Prophet greatly. Because, she was the first person who believed and affirmed our
Master Rasûlullah (’alaihis-salâm). In addition, she was his biggest supporter and
comforter. When everyone was an enemy, she had loved him greatly. She had spent
all her properties for the sake of Islam and she had worked all the time to serve our beloved
Prophet. She never made Rasûlullah sorry, she never hurt him. Our Master, the
Prophet told about this from time to time and remembered his blessed wife’s virtues.
One day, Hadrat Khadîja, when our Prophet (’alaihis-salâm) was out of the home,
she went out to look for him. Jabrâil ’alaihis-salâm, in a human form, was seen by
her. Our mother Hadrat Khadîja wanted to ask him about our Master, the Prophet.
However, she thought that he might be one of his foes, so she went back. When she
saw our beloved Prophet in the house, she told him about the incident. Our Master
Fakhr-i kâinât said, “Do you know who is the person that you saw and wanted to
ask about me? He was Jabrâil (’alaihis-salâm). He wanted me to convey to you his
greetings. He told me to inform you that a building, made of pearls, has been prepared
for you in Paradise. Of course, there will be nothing sorrowful, troubling,
difficult or burdensome.”