Our Master Habîb-i Akram, the Honorable Prophet came to Mecca under the protection
of Mut’im bin Adî. He went on inviting the people to the right path. Against
this, the polytheists, excessive again, began to practice torture and cruelty more than
ever. Upon this, Janâb-i Haqq ordered our Master, the Prophet to talk with Arab tribes,
which came to visit the Kâ’ba during the visiting season, and invite them to Islam.
Hadrat Muhammad Prophet, upon this order, used to go to Zulmajâz, Ukâz and Majanna
bazaars, which were located around Mecca, and invite them to believe in the unity
of Allahu ta’âlâ and to worship Him. He used to tell them to accept his prophethood
and announce that, if they accept, Janâb-i-Haqq would give them Paradise. Unfortunately,
none of them would listen to these invitations, which our Master, the Prophet
made imploringly. Some of them would maltreat him, insult him, some of them would
frown at and speak ill of him. Furthermore, the Quraysh polytheists would follow him
and corrupt the tribes he went to. According to the reports of Imâm-i Ahmad, Bayhakî, Tabarânî and Ibn-i Ishâq;
Rabîa bin Ahmad narrated that, “I was young. We had gone to Minâ with my father.
Rasûl ’alaihis-salâm would go to places where Arab tribes camped and say, “O sons
of so-and so! I am the Messenger of Allahu ta’âlâ Who orders you to throw away
the idols which you worship, to worship Allahu ta’âlâ without attributing a partner
to Him, to believe and confirm me, to protect me until I explain and fulfill
the duty with which I have been sent!…” A cross-eyed man, with trussed hair, was
following him and saying, “O sons of so-and so! This person is forbidding you to worship
our idols at-Lât and al-’Uzzâ and he is inviting you to a religion which he made
up! Beware… Do not listen to him and do not obey him!…” I asked my father, “Who
is the one following this person?” He answered, “Abû Lahab, his paternal uncle.”
Tabarâni narrated from Târiq bin Abdullah that, “I had seen Rasûl (’alaihis-salâm)
in the Zulmajâz bazaar. He was announcing loudly so that people could hear him, “O
people! Say Lâ ilâha illallah (There is no god but Allahu ta’âlâ) and be saved.” A
person, following him, was throwing stones at his feet and saying, “O people! Do not
believe him!… Beware of him! Because, he is a liar!…” The stones made his blessed
feet bleed; however, he was going on with his invitation without being tired or exhausted.
They asked, “Who is this young man?” A person answered, “A young man
from the sons of Abdulmuttalib.” When they asked, “That person who throws stones,
who is he?” he replied, “His paternal uncle Abû Lahab.”
Imâm-i Buhârî in his book named “Târih-ul-Kabîr” and Tabarânî in his book
named “Mu’jam-ul-Kabîr” mentioned, “Mudrik bin Munib narrated from his father
and his father narrated from his grandfather that: , “One day, we had come to Minâ and
stopped there temporarily. We met a group of people. A person was telling them, “O
people! Say Lâ ilâha illallah and be saved.” Some people around him were spitting
at his beautiful face, some others were throwing earth on his head, and some others
were cursing him and making various insults. This continued until noon. Meanwhile,
a little girl came with a water pot. When she saw him in this state, she started crying.
After that person drank the water, he turned towards the girl and said, “O my daughter!
Regarding your father, do not be afraid that he will be trapped and killed, or
that he will face abasement!” We asked, “Who is this person and who is this girl?”
They answered, “This is Muhammad, from the sons of Abdulmuttalib and the girl is
his daughter, Zaynab.”
Sa’îd bin Yahyâ bin Sa’îd Al-Amawî narrated from his father in his book “Maghâzî,”
and his father narrated from Abû Naîm, Abdurrahman Âmirî and Abdurrahman Âmirî
from many other people that: One day, our beloved Prophet sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam
went to Ukâz bazaar. He found Banî Âmir tribe and asked them, “O Banî Âmir!
How do you protect refugees?” They replied, “No one can ambush us, no one can
get warm from our fire without taking our permission!…” Our Master, the Prophet
said, “I am the Messenger of Allahu ta’âlâ. Will you protect me until I notify
people of my duty of prophethood which was given by my Rabb?” They asked,
“To whom do you belong from the Quraysh?” Our Master answered, “I am from the sons of Abdulmuttalib.” They asked, “If you are from the sons of Abdulmuttalib,
why do they not protect you?” Our Master Rasûlullah replied, “They have been the
first among those who deny me.” The Banî Âmir group said, “O Muhammad! We
will neither reject you nor believe in what you have brought. But, we will protect you
until you inform people of your duty of prophethood.”
Upon this, our Master, the Prophet sat near them. Bayhara bin Fâris, who was
among the leaders of Banî Âmir tribe, finished the trade in the bazaar and returned.
He asked them, by pointing out our Master, the Prophet, “Who is this person?” they
said, “Muhammad bin Abdullah.” Bayhara asked, “What do you have with him that
you made him sit near you?” They replied, “He says he is the Messenger of Allah and
asks for our protection until he communicates his mission of prophethood to people.”
Bayhara said to our Prophet, “Our trying to protect you will mean to make our chests a
target for arrows of all the Arabs.” And he told his people that, “There is no other tribe
which returns to its homeland with a worse thing than you. So, you will fight against
all Arabs, you will make your bodies a target of their arrows! If his tribe saw him as
good, they would protect him before you. You are trying to protect a person which his
own people denounced and purged! You think wrongly!”
Then, he turned towards our beloved Prophet and uttered these unfortunate words,
“At once, leave us and return to your people!… I swear that if you were not among my
people, I would behead you now!…” Upon this, the Master of the worlds, in a great
sorrow, got onto his camel. That insolent Bayhara made our Master Rasûlullah fall
from his camel. A lady from the Ashâb-i kirâm, named Dabâa binti Âmir, screamed
and called for her relatives, saying, “How can you see it suitable what has been done
to the Darling of Allahu ta’âlâ? For my sake, is there no one who will rescue Rasûlullah
from these people?” Of the sons of her paternal uncle, three persons stood against
the unfortunate Bayhara. Although two persons from Bayhara’s people wanted to help
him, the others beat Bayhara and his supporters. Hadrat Muhammad Prophet, who watched
this event, prayed for the three persons who fought for him, “O my Rabb! Bestow
Your blessings upon these people”, and for Bayhara and his supporters, he said, “O
my Rabb! Make them away from Your pity.”
The persons, for whom he made good prayers, converted into Islam and the others
died as disbelievers. When they returned to their homeland, the members of the Banî
Âmîr tribe told an elderly person in their tribe, who had read the Heavenly Books,
about what had happened in Mecca. When that person heard our Master, the Prophet’s
name, he criticized them by saying, “O Banî Âmîr! What did you do? So far, none of
the sons of Ismâil claimed a false prophethood. Absolutely, he was saying the truth.
Now, it is very difficult to compensate this missed opportunity.” What if I had carried that great Prophet’s
blessed foot on my head as my crown
He, the owner of that foot, is the one
Rose of the prophethood’s garden
O Bakhtî, on his feet, do not wait, wipe your face.