One day, Abdulmuttalib was sitting near the Kâ’ba. A priest of Najrân came and started talking to him. During the talk, he said: “We have read the attributes of the last prophet from the sons of Ismâil in the books. Here, that is Mecca, is his birth place. His attributes are so and so!” Meanwhile, our beloved prophet came. The priest of Najrân started to examine him, he came near and looked at his eyes, his back, his feet and said in astonishment, “Here he is. Is this child one of your descendants?” When Abdulmuttalib said, “He is my son!”, the priest of Najrân said, “According to our knowledge from the books, his father should not be alive!” When Abdulmuttalib said, “He is son of my son. His father had died before his birth, when his mother was pregnant.” Then the priest said “Now, you have said the truth.” Upon this, Abdulmuttalib told his sons, “Hear what is said about your brother’s son and protect him well.”